Status of compatibility with the requirements

This accessibility statement (as of 14.06.2021) applies to the Robert Koch Institute website currently accessible at

The Robert Koch Institute is working to make its website accessible in accordance with the German Disability Equality Act (BGG) and the Barrier-Free Information Technology Ordinance (BITV 2.0). As soon as the revision of this website of the Robert Koch Institute, which is still in progress, has been completed, the accessibility will be tested by the independent BITV test association and the test results will then be published here.

Non-accessible content

This website is partially not compatible with the BGG and BITV 2.0 due to the following exceptions.

Non-accessible content

The content listed below is not accessible due to incompatibility with BGG and BITV 2.0:

  • Visualizations: Visualizations of complex data are usually not accessible (barrier-free). Essential content can be accessed by linking to publications of the project.

Feedback and contact details

Have you noticed any deficiencies in the accessibility of the content of If so, please feel free to contact us.

FG24/Projekt BURDEN 2020
Robert Koch Institute,

Conciliation procedure

The Federal Government Commissioner for the Interests of Persons with Disabilities has a conciliation board in accordance with § 16 BGG..

The conciliation board is responsible for resolving conflicts between people with disabilities and federal public agencies. You can call in the conciliation board if you are not satisfied with the answers you receive from the above-mentioned contact option. The goal is to find a solution to a problem together and out of court with the help of the conciliation board.

The conciliation procedure is free of charge. You do not need legal assistance either.

On the website of the conciliation board you will find all information about the conciliation procedure. There you can read how a conciliation procedure works and how to submit the request for conciliation. You can also submit the application in plain language or in German sign language.

You can reach the conciliation board at the following address:

Conciliation Board under the Equal Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities Act at the Federal Government Commissioner for Matters relating to Persons with Disabilities
Mauerstraße 53
10117 Berlin
Phone: (030) 18 527-2805
Fax: (030) 18 527-2901

Stand: 14.06.2021