This page works with versioning. The results are supplemented and completed bit by bit. Due to methodological adjustments, minor changes in the results may also occur from time to time. In this case the versioning jumps to the next integer (e.g. 2.0). It is recommended to include the version of the website in the citation of the results.

The burden of disease in Germany is expressed by three indicators: the sum measure DALY as an indicator of the overall burden of disease is composed of years of life lost due to death (YLL) and years lived with disability (YLD).

Version 1.0 provides the first comprehensive results on years of life lost due to death (YLL). The regional presentation (maps) is not yet death cause specific (all cause). This and other information will be added shortly.

Version Date
v1.0 10th June 2021
v2.0 7th December 2021