Proportions – Tree Map (Berichtsjahr 2017)

Use the treemap to navigate through each level of the YLL hierarchy (levels 1-4) to visualize the percentages of diseases or injuries within the overall cause of death spectrum. The data are for the total population at the federal level. You can set the respective diseases or groups of diseases in relation to each other by selecting the levels or view them in detail at the next level by selecting individual tiles. Due to the reduced data volume of the YLD indicator, this form of data exploration is currently only available for the YLL indicator.

Age progression – Diagram (Berichtsjahr 2017)

The diagram shows the YLL indicator for causes of death over the course of age by 5-year age groups. Furthermore, the age progression for a selection of diseases can be shown as YLD and DALY (YLD + YLL). Up to five causes of illness or death can be selected in this representation.

Comparison – Map (Berichtsjahr 2017)

The map shows the Burden of Disease based on causes of death (YLL) at the level of the federal states and regional planning regions (ROR) in Germany. Furthermore, the indicators YLD (Years lived with disability) and DALY (YLD + YLL) can be mapped for a selection of causes.

Concept Hierarchy Levels

The hierarchy concept of the Burden of Disease causes is divided into different levels (Levels). Level 1 assigns the burden to three main groups of causes, namely:

  1. Communicable diseases (including maternal, neonatal and nutritional diseases)
  2. Non-communicable diseases
  3. Injuries

Higher levels represent more differentiated breakdowns of the causes. Level 3 and Level 4 (only partially selectable) show the most detailed groups of causes. The branching looks as follows, using diabetes as an example:

Non-communicable diseases (level 1) -> Diabetes and kidney diseases (level 2) -> Diabetes mellitus (level 3) -> Diabetes type 1 and type 2 (level 4)

For YLL, causes of illness can be mapped at levels 1-4, and for YLD and DALY at levels 3 and 4. Causes of death, illness, and injury are designated as causes in the menu.